Little Whale Cay

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About Little Whale Cay

Little Whale Cay is a beautiful, fully staffed private island in the Bahamas.

Set in the Berry Islands, in the heart of the Bahamas, this private tropical island is steeped in local Bahamian history and easily accessible by plane from Florida or Nassau.

With it’s stunning white sand beaches and warm turquoise waters; private airstrip, harbour and flotilla of boats for fishing, cruising or water sports; a compliment of 13 staff including a personal chef and masseur; a sea-view infinity pool, tennis court, yoga deck and gym; this private Caribbean island offers every opportunity to indulge and create memories to last a lifetime.

Little Whale Cay has two distinct stories to tell. One of tranquility, relaxation, escape, security and peace. Exclusive surroundings to unwind, watch time slow down and relax away from crowds, secure in the heartfelt welcome from our staff.

The second story is one of invigorating the soul. An unspoilt, private playground where a sense of fun and adventure can run wild. Exploring the local islands and indulging in dining adventures, that are as unforgettable as the sun-kissed days of an island, where the sun shines a balmy nine hours a day from November to May.


Developed in the art-deco era of the 1930s as a private island paradise by the famous Wallace Groves (an early pioneer in the Bahamas), the 93 acre island has accommodation for up to 12 family & friends in 7 bedrooms across 3 secluded sea-view houses, Little Whale House, Peacock House and Flamingo House.

Tropical fish and turtles are found in the waters around the Cay. Birds include flamingos, Bahamian duck, Bahama woodstar humming birds and domestic peacocks, the origins of which can all be traced back to Wallace Groves’ bird collection.

Little Whale House

Little Whale House has two double bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms; a study with a WIFI broadband satellite internet connection, telephone facilities and satellite television; a living room/dining room with a large fireplace, a Bose I-pod docking system, & DVD; a bar; a media area; an external fireplace with barbeque; a variety of external dining areas; a kitchen and the chef’s accommodation.


Master bedroom – 1 x king size bed

Ground floor bedroom – 2 x queen size beds

Peacock House

Peacock House has a double bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and outside terrace.

The house also comes with a WIFI broadband satellite internet connection, telephone facilities, a Bose iPod docking system, flat screen TV and DVD player.

Flamingo House

Flamingo House has three double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and one single room with two single beds for children. Also there is an open plan living area, kitchen and external terrace.

The house also comes with a WIFI broadband satellite internet connection, telephone facilities, a Bose iPod docking system, flat screen TV and
DVD player.


Little Whale Cay offers the opportunity to do as much or as little as possible. Lie back and relax or take a challenge with a wide range of sports, activities and excursions.


We sometimes partake in deep sea fishing on our 30′ custom built Solid powerboat with twin 115 HP four stroke engines.

Or try some world class bone fishing from our 17′ Boston Whaler.

Water Sports

Get the adrenaline pumping! Whether it’s water ski-ing or sitting in a doughnut shooting through the clear waters around the island behind our 100hp Boston whaler power boat, going like the wind.


On the island there are 3 Sunfish sailing dinghies, 3 Captiva sailing dinghies, 3 Lazer sailing dinghies and 4 ocean kayaks available for use.


We often visit the nearby islands, meet the locals and hike through some of the island’s most beautiful & hidden places.


Little Whale Cay is a private tropical island paradise, where we can indulge our taste buds with dishes created to suit personal preference by our private chef from delicious, fresh and organic vegetables, fish and meat.

From unbelievably fresh sashimi made from the kingfish we have caught that afternoon, to juicy, char-grilled barbecues and freshly picked fruit salads, the emphasis is on healthy eating complemented by refreshing wines and our legendary rum punch, all of which are served by our team whose focus is on making every day on Little Whale Cay an unforgettable one.

Food is flown in regularly and so all diets are accommodated.

Сontinent Caribbean
Region Bahamas
Location Berry Islands, 40 Miles form Nassau
Service Full Service

Island rent price

10,000USD / 20,000USD

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