Porer Island

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About Porer Island

Porer lighthouse was built in 1833 on the islet of the same name, southwest of Istria's southernmost cape. The islet is an 80 metre cliff, 2.5 km from the mainland and the place of Premantura.


The 35 metre lighthouse tower is central with regards to the rest of the stone building. There are many beautiful bays and islets in the vicinity of Porer. The islet itself has three smaller berths. The stone edifice is a ground-floor building with a concrete yard and it has two four-bed apartments.

The islet is so small that it takes just over a minute to walk around it, nevertheless, the walk is magnificent because the sunsets on Porer are considered to be the most beautiful on the Adriatic. Trips to the island of Unije, known for its fabulous bays, or to the city of Pula can be arranged with Captain Ivan Giotta.

Before or after your holiday on Porer, we recommend a visit to the protected nature site Cape of Kamenjak where there are 530 specious of flora, of which 20 are orchids. Besides one endemic orchid, there are two more endemic plants and several other plants that are endangered on the cape. If you are looking for something different, make sure to visit the Safari bar that will impress you with its original interior and Robinson Crusoe like hosts.

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Сontinent Europe
Region Croatia
Location 2.5 km from the mainland
Service Self Service

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