Robinson Crusoe

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About Robinson Crusoe

Off the coast of Chili, in a world biosphere reserve in an elusive archipelago, one can find an island steeped in the mystery and novelty that seems to be taken right from the pages of classic literature.

The Island

In 1719, Daniel Defoe published the novel Robinson Crusoe. What few people know is that this famous book is based on the life of Alexander Selkirk who was marooned on the island for four years. It is from this, and a little help from the Chilean Government, that Juan Fernandez Island also took the name Robinson Crusoe Island.

Today, with its airplanes, hotels and 550 residents, it is hard to get marooned on the island. However, the island is still home to an impressive collection of flora and fauna. The island is considered so stunning that in 1977, it was declared a world biosphere reserve by the United Nations.

Island Activities

The extensive flora and fauna on the island also extends beneath its shores creating an aquatic ecosystem that rivals its terrestrial one. Clear waters, schools of fish and a plethora of other marine life attract swimmers, scuba divers and snorkellers to this little known aquatic oasis.

Robinson Crusoe Island has a varied landscape that is highlighted by a forested interior. The rugged trails of the island allow for excellent trekking. You may even be lucky enough to trace the steps of Mirador de Selkirk where the marooned sailor would go to search the open seas for ships.
Сontinent South America
Region Chile
Location Archipelago of Juan Fernandez
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