Chumbe Island Resort

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About Chumbe Island Resort

Lots of activities are waiting for you on and around Chumbe Island. Make sure you bring enough time with you!

The whole of Chumbe Island is a nature reserve and you may explore its beauties either under the competent guidance of our park rangers or at your leisure.

Snorkel through our unique shallow water Reef Sanctuary or explore the Forest Reserve and historical monuments. Perhaps just allow yourself a lazy day watching dhows and outrigger boats go by.


Accommodation on Chumbe Island is - in many aspects - something really special. It's what Robinson Crusoe could only have dreamt about.

Firstly, the bungalows themselves are so brilliantly designed that they provide both privacy and the sense of freedom of living in the open. Many of our clients find these bungalows exceptionally romantic (honeymooners love them), but any individual with a passion for natural beauty will find these bungalows captivating beyond measure. All bungalows overlook the sea and it takes just 30 seconds to stroll from the comforts of your bungalow hammock to feeling the warm tropical ocean lapping at your feet.

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Сontinent Africa
Region Tanzania
Location 8 miles off the coast of Zanzibar
Service Full Service

Island rent price

3,000USD / 10,000USD

Villa rent price

0USD / 500USD

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