Long Caye

Lisada taotluse

About Long Caye

Perched on the brink of the continental shelf, our island base of Long Caye lies on the slender coral ring of Glover's Reef, an atoll 35 miles offshore from Dangriga, in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

You Won't Believe Your Eyes

Glover's Reef encompasses an 82-square mile shallow lagoon surrounded by the deep waters of the open sea. Within this necklace of coral, you'll find more than 700 pristine patch reefs brimming with the richest variety of marine life in the Caribbean - from the delicate fan coral and spiny urchin to the colourful stoplight parrot fish and elegant southern sting ray. Snorkellers and divers alike are enchanted by the spectrum of sea life here, whether they're wading just off shore or exploring the depths along "The Wall", a world-class dive site off the back of Long Caye.

Overhead and along the sand you'll spot feathered creatures, too - osprey, pelicans, frigate birds, green-backed heron and others, especially during migratory periods. We also have green iguanas living on the island. In recognition of the outstanding natural quality of Glover's ecosystem, it has been designated a National Marine Reserve and in 1997 was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Make Yourself at Home

Featured on the cover of Outside Magazine, our outdoor resort base at Long Caye was built with the goal of preserving the integrity of this ecosystem and our facilities have been kept rustic by design. Guests love their thatch-roofed cabanas, each complete with a porch overlooking the sea. Each tent palapa is unique and private, some are perched on the beach, and others are hidden beneath the palms. On every trip, our kitchen and dining hall, with open-air views of the lagoon and a neighbouring island, become the centre of community life. We've made sure our entire Water Sports Centre blends into the undeveloped, natural atmosphere of this tropical island, unspoiled by the modern world, so you can truly escape. And our trips are all-inclusive for your convenience. Since we are the only ones on the island, all of our beaches are completely private! Shaded by a forest of palms and surrounded by endless coral reefs, Long Caye is truly a tropical paradise.

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Сontinent Central America
Region Belize
Location 35 miles offshore from Dangriga
Service Full Service

Island rent price

3,000USD / 10,000USD

Villa rent price

0USD / 500USD

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