Sapibenega - The Kuna Lodge

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About Sapibenega - The Kuna Lodge

Sapibenega is the first totally ecological Kuna Lodge. It is located on a private island close to the community of Playon Chico in San Blas, on the Caribbean side of Panama. In the kuna language, Sapibenega, means: Life. It is the essence, the beginning and the end of life.

Besides, it was called the "finest reatreat" in Kuna Yala by the Lonely Planet Panama Guide, and it has also been written about in several publications. This was the place where the CBS' Survivor winner was taken to relax.

Sapibenega's Accommodations Include:

A social area, two bar-restaurants and thirteen Kuna Style cabins all with private bathrooms, wooden floor, composting toilets, fresh water and 24 hour electricity.

Paliwitur Sapibe, a native Kuna indian, is the creator and owner of this beautiful place. He, along with the lodge staff, work very hard everyday to make guests feel as though they were in their own home.


We have thirteen cabins available, all equipped with private bathrooms, wooden floor, WC [composting toilets], fresh water, and 24 hour solar powered electricity.

Sapibenega offers you a great variety of all natural and cultural activities:

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Сontinent Central America
Region Panama
Location 3 Minutes from Playon Chico
Service Full Service

Villa rent price

0USD / 500USD

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