Vinis Farm

Lisada taotluse

About Vinis Farm

For a unique experience in southern India, we offer the concept of the farm island stay. Vinis Farm is on an island where the fresh water meets the lake .This farm island is given as a rent for a couple or for a family with maximum number of 4 people, but preferably for one couple at a time. The whole island is for the exclusive use of the guests who are mostly honeymooners or old couples, painters etc. who wants a hide out with total privacy and peace of mind.

All 3 meals are provided daily to the guests which are organic as all foods are mostly grown on and around the farm.

A whole team is available to exclusively serve the couple renting the island as well as personal butler service .

The nearest airport to the island is Trivinandapuram which is 82 km away and Kochin airport is 180km away.
Сontinent Asia
Region India
Location Mundrothruthu in Kollam District and Kerala state Closest City is Kollam
Service Full Service

Island rent price

500USD / 1,500USD

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