Zopango Island

Lisada taotluse

About Zopango Island

Zopango private Island is a small archipelago that includes the main island and two small islets very close by, located in the Asese Bay, right next to the Asese Peninsula (refer to map in the pictures section)

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The Asese Bay is part of the huge Lake Cocibolca, also called the Sweet Sea…
(More than 8000 km sq. and the largest lake of Central America)
Zopango Island is just 1 ½ hour away from Managua international Airport with direct flights from Atlanta, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York , Argentina, Belize, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama and Perú.
Zopango Island is located 25 minutes away from Granada´s colonial center.
Zopango Island is located 15 minutes from Marina Cocibolca (by Asese harbor), which has yachts, restaurants, a gas station, secured parking 24/7 and much more.

Zopango Island, a sustainable paradise, has been blessed with a warm year-round climate, gentle breezes, peaceful waves, very good water quality, lush & pristine nature, no mosquitoes and a low level of humidity for this tropical area.
Zopango Island has the largest beach area of all the islands of the Bay, with more than 200 sq. meters. Its waters are the safest to swim in because of its naturally calm waters and the wind shield provided by its two little islets and the absence of dangerous rocks.

Zopango Island offers 7000 sqft of unique & well-preserved natural and lush surroundings!
Discover its delicate orchids, observe rare exotic birds, turtles and beautiful old trees.
Zopango has easy-access trails, many private areas for swimming, birdwatching or just relaxing in hammocks (one for each of the 10 guests!) and beach chairs & just enjoying the calm islander’s way of life…

Power generation on the island includes highly effective solar power with rooftop panels. There is also a professional water filtration and purification system so as to provide you with delicious drinkable water.
Zopango Island also counts with a buried septic tank.

Zopango Island is home to Casa Zopango Bed & Breakfast which has been operating since 2015. The total capacity is 08 Adults & 2 kids, divided in 2 rooms at the first floor and the Suite at the second (and last) floor.
The Suite has a main bedroom (with a Queen bed, bedside tables & lights, closet), a living room (with two single beds), a kitchen area with refrigerator & sink, and a dining area with its cute table & bistro-style chairs. The suite benefits of a very wide panoramic terrace partly shaded by a magnificent mango tree!
Each room and the Suite counts with its own bathroom, terrace & chairs, ceiling fans (and a very good cross-ventilation), linen, towels and organic toiletries.

On the ground floor, there is one small apartment for the island’s keeper.
Zopango Island is the perfect Wedding, Retreat & Honeymoon destination!
Price per 1 night and 1 day for renting Zopango Island and Casa Zopango: US$1500

Includes: exclusive use of the whole island and Casa Zopango; island keeper; linen, bath towels & organic toiletries; kayaks and a rowing boat at disposal, with their ‘U.S Marine’ approved life vests.; breakfast; boat transfers to the Island at check-in and check-out.
Zopango Island offers 2 guest toilets & 2 showers
There are 10 beautiful hammocks by Tio Antonio® and numerous beach chairs as well for you to use during your stay.

Not included: lunches; dinners; and extra use of the boat.

Check-in & check-out:
Day 1, 10.00am. Day 2, 10.00am
Day 1.00 at 2pm, Day 2 at 2.00pm

The Bersani family will welcome you in English, Spanish or French!

BOOKING : www.zopangoisland.com

VRBO : https://www.vrbo.com/755577

AIRBNB : https://www.airbnb.com.ni/rooms/4957427
Сontinent Central America
Region Nicaragua
Location Asese Bay, Lake Cocibolca near Granada
Service Full Service

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