Ile de Chantemesle

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About Ile de Chantemesle

Rent an island near Giverny in "Claude Monet's country".
Located between La Roche Guyon and Vetheuil, 45 minutes from Paris (Porte Maillot), the 10 hectare property has two houses: 5 double bedrooms with bath and/or shower in one. The other house is occupied by the care takers.

It's one of the most beautiful places in the Paris region. The impressionnists were attracted by the beauty of the landscape and the quality of its light. Claude Monet lived there and painted several famous paintings from Vetheuil and the banks of the Seine, and of course the Waterlilies of his garden of Giverny, just nearby.

There are about sixty islands in "Ile-de-France" on the "Marne", the "Oise" and of course the "Seine".

Some of them are wild, some are inhabited. Only one belongs to the same owner: the island of Chantemesle, situated at the famous "Route des Crutes" between Vetheuil and La Roche Guyon's feet.

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Сontinent Europe
Region France
Location 45 minutes from Paris
Service Self Service

Island rent price

500EUR / 1,500EUR

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