Ilha de Sao Joao

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About Ilha de Sao Joao

Ilha de Sao Joao, translated Saint John's Island is known to be truly one of the most beautiful islands within the Angra dos Reis Bay located approximately 140 kilometers south of Rio de Janeiro between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo cities.

The island is located right in the middle of the Angra dos Reis Bay known to have the most transparent waters in the region just beside Ilhas Botinas where the famous scuba diving is done.

It is approximately 2 kilometers from main land, the city center of Angra dos Reis, just 10 minutes on a regular boat, making it quite easy for transportation.

The island has two different amazing beautiful beaches, one facing north and the other south, has a 150 square meter concrete house construction, a ramp for the 55' Pershing boat and a smaller 23' Bayliner. There are also four diesel generators in place and a water system comprised of a rain water filter system and tank. The island has a perfect spot for a Helipad.

Сontinent South America
Region Brazil
Location Angra dos Reis
Service Self Service

Island rent price

3,000USD / 10,000USD

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