Terra's Key

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About Terra's Key

Imagine your very own Florida Keys private island oceanfront vacation rental home. Ringed by coconut palms, saltwater-loving mangroves and the blue Atlantic and lit by a warm tropical sun and ten thousand fiery stars. This private island oceanfront vacation rental home in the Florida Keys is only minutes from world-class sport fishing, diving and dining yet completely removed from all the cares in the world.

Think of Terra's Key as a home for the soul, a place where you can relax more deeply, and appreciate the rhythms of life more easily. It's a golden opportunity to blend seclusion and serenity into the greatest private island oceanfront vacation rental home in the Florida Keys.

This is a 5 bedroom 4 bath home with a large pool, dockage, large cabanna and doubles tennis court. The island has a land bridge with city water, electric, and cable.
Сontinent United States
Region Florida
Location Islamorada Island
Service Self Service

Island rent price

500USD / 1,500USD

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