Motu Tetaraire

Өтініш қосу

About Motu Tetaraire

In the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, in the Atoll of Rangiroa, Tahiti, lies Motu Tetaraire an island paradise untouched by civilization.

The Island

Rangiroa is a 9 acre Dream Island unique in that you are the only one on the island during your stay. This privacy allows for the ultimate in relaxation. You will be surrounded by vivid blue water teeming with tropical fish and lush coral reefs, where the palm trees dance in the wind above pristine white sand beaches.

The staff, including your experienced excursion guide, will provide every desired comfort and adventure and do so with traditional Tahitian flair. Here, you will find water so crystal clear the ocean floor is no longer a mystery.

Serendipitous days spent sailing, snorkeling and exploring. Sensuous nights filled with starlit skies and delicious dining. Superb service and gracious amenities provide personal touches that will surprise and delight.


Casual elegance best describes the main house, built in the typical Tahitian style with wide open beams and no windows so the South Pacific breezes can keep you comfortably cool. The residence is 2,250 sq feet (250 sq. meters) in size and is appointed with tropical flowers and traditional art.
Сontinent South Pacific
Region French Polynesia
Location Tahiti, French Polynesia
Service Full Service

Island rent price

1,500EUR / 3,000EUR

Тұрақты сатып алушы карточкасына қосылу

Өз карточкаңызды тіркеңіз және біздің қызметтерімізге тапсырыс берген кезде, жеке нөміріңізді көрсетуіңіз керек. Сонымен бірге, сіз біздің компаниямыздың арнайы ұсыныстары мен жарнамалары туралы әрдайым хабардар боласыз.