Namale Island Resort

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About Namale Island Resort

Namale is Fiji's #1 Resort and Spa. Offering 19 luxurious and well appointed bures and villas, Namale is spread out over 525 acres and is based at a location where the rainforest meets the ocean. With cliff top views and majestic settings to offer, Namale is an all-inclusive resort that offers an exclusive, private and luxuriously authentic Fijian experience. Each of our bures and villas are a testimony to great Fijian chiefly architecture and are filled with the trappings of modern day luxury and entertainment. Depending on where you stay at Namale, you can expect Jacuzzi spa baths, outdoor hot tubs, wrap-around infinity pools, plunge pools and so much more. Namale has also been recognized for being home to the Ultimate #1 Honeymoon Suite in Fiji which went on to the voted #5 in the World as well as being home the Most Sexiest Villas in the South Pacific.

The Namale guest can expect to be pampered and spoilt with all the trappings of modern luxury. Offering the most comprehensive range of combined land and ocean based activities, Namale cater for no more than 44 people at any one time with 120 staff on call to turn dreams into a reality. Recognized by Luxury Magazine as the Top 50 Most Romantic Places on Earth and Tripadvisors Travelers Choice Awards as the #1 Most Romantic Place in the South Pacific, Namale is a delight for the more discerning traveler that are after unique and magical experiences with romance in between.
Сontinent South Pacific
Region Fiji
Location on the edge of Koro Sea
Service Full Service

Island rent price


Villa rent price

1,000USD / 2,500USD

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