Ronay Island

Өтініш қосу

About Ronay Island

The island of Ronay lies in the middle of the Outer Hebrides, between North and South Uist. It consists of 597.17 hectares of wild country which abounds with birds and wildlife from deer, otters, porpoises and seals to golden eagles, falcons, woodcock and grouse. The surrounding sea is full of mackerel, salmon, scallops and cockles. Sheep were removed in 2004 to allow the flora to return to its natural state and to increase the deer population. The island has 9 lochs providing some brown trout fishing.

There are ruins of numerous crofts, an old druid temple and a nunnery and the present house is situated on top of the site of the old inn. Nearby is Rossinish, where Bonnie Prince Charlie landed and on nearby Benbecula are ruins of what is said to be the oldest university in the United Kingdom.

The House

The house was built in 1964 by the present owner's parents and restored in 2005. It faces south looking over the bay which can be reached in 5minutes by boat from Kalin harbor on the mainland. The house is powered by solar panels and the heating by a charnwood stove. A generator is used to power the dishwasher and washing machine.
Сontinent Europe
Region Scotland
Location Outer Hebrides
Service Self Service

Island rent price

500USD / 1,500USD

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