North Island

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About North Island

North Island lies just north of Silhouette and was recently used as the location for the film 'The Thunderbirds.' The beautiful beaches are separated by dramatic rock formations on each end.

The island was first farmed in 1826 by a woman, Marie Josephine Celerine Beaufond, a descendant of French settlers from Reunion. The island remained in her family for the next 150 years and was used as a plantation for growing fruits and spices and producing guano, fish oil and copra (coconut oil). The farm was sold in the seventies and fell into disuse, taken over by coconuts and alien weeds. The new resort has returned the island to its former pristine beauty.

Each villa has been individually handcrafted by Seychellois and African craftsmen with wood, local stone and glass. Each villa is completely self-contained, raised a metre off the ground to catch the cooling island breezes.

Each villa has two bedrooms, a main bedroom and a second bedroom. Whereas the villa is primarily occupied by one or two guests, they may require the second bedroom for children nineteen years and younger. This is available at an additional cost. Alternatively, the second bedroom can be converted into a study for guests staying in the master bedroom.

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Сontinent Africa
Region Seychelles
Location North of Silhouette
Service Full Service

Island rent price


Villa rent price

2,500EUR / 5,000EUR

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