Somerset Island, 195B

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About Somerset Island, 195B

A rare opportunity to rent a private island in Georgian Bay - historic Somerset Island. On the 20 acre island rests Woryco, a 17 room cottage designed with both rustic charm and the latest amenities.

The Island

Somerset Island is definitely a gem of the 30,000 islands. Somerset is actually two distinct sections of land joined by a low-lying rock cleft. Nestled amongst the Gerogian Bay Islands, Somerset island consists of 2 kilometres of wide paths that wind around the islands, connecting many look out points and scenic views.

Be wowed by astounding rock formations sculpted thousands of years ago by receding glaciers. Wander through wetlands where songs of rare bird species are heard every day. In the snowy season, cozy up to a crackling fireplace after a challenging day of skiing.

The Cottage

Woryco, the 4,500 square foot the main residence on Somerset Island, was built in 1902. The main level of the cottage consists of a great room, living room, dining room, 8+ bedrooms, den, mudroom, kitchen, kitchen pantry, laundry room and several bathrooms, surrounded with covered veranda.

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Сontinent Canada
Region Ontario
Location Sans Souci, Georgian Bay
Service Full Service

Island rent price

500USD / 1,500USD

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