Indian Ocean Yacht Charter Guide

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Indian Ocean Yacht Charter Guide

A fusion of cultures encased in tropical splendour.

The wide scattering of 115 islands that make up the Seychelles are legendary for their beauty, with exquisite ribbons of white sand beaches backed by lush hills and huge glacis boulders. The easy sailing distances between the main islands and the stunning coastlines leading into mountainous interiors have long been a dream destination for luxury yacht charters. Be seduced by Praslins tangled velvet jungle, see exotic birds and giant tortoises in Mahé and explore the rolling hills and slow-motion ambience of La Digue on a tailor-made holiday you will never forget.

Free from the dominance of lofty high-rise buildings, longstanding rituals contentedly merge with busy spice-markets just as they would have done centuries ago in beautiful Sri Lanka. Allow yourself to be enticed by its spectacular ancient cities and enchanting scenery of Buddhist Temples and emerald green tea plantations swathed in palm tree embellished coastal stretches.

Set off the east coast of Africa, the volcanic formed islands of Mauritius are an emerging luxury yacht charter destination well worth visiting. The intoxicating blend of Asia, Africa, France and Britain creates a diverse culture with unique cuisine. From the glamorous resorts and restaurants of the east coast to the wilder terrains of the south, its natural beauty and tropical climate are perfect for winter cruising. 

A yacht charter vacation in India offers a dazzling cultural cocktail of bustling cities, snow-dusted mountains, frenetic bazaars and breathtaking beaches. A journey through these cruising grounds opens a gateway some of the greatest architectural sights in the world including the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal whilst the unique landscape of the Thar desert forms a whole new dimension. From enthralling wildlife safaris and pine-scented forests to enigmatic palaces, there is an extraordinary spectrum of encounters to experience.


Reasons to Visit

Indian Ocean

  • Temples
  • Colourful Festivals
  • Taj Mahal
  • Tea Plantations
  • Reef Diving & Snorkelling

Need To Know

  • Timezone
  • Getting there
  • Currency
  • Dress Code
  • When to go
  • Local Customs

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