Eurocopter AS355NP

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    With excellent handling, robustness and ease of maintenance, the AS355 NP incorporates twin-engine added reliability and performance - making it ideal for police and parapublic missions, as well as demanding operations over water, rugged terrain and urban areas. 
    Renowned for its low operation and maintenance costs, this helicopter benefits from the reliability and safety of its two Turbomeca Arrius 1A1 engines, and is equipped with a full authority digital engine control (FADEC) system.  



    Passenger transportation

    1 pilot + 5 passengers in standard version


    1 pilot + 4 passengers (Stylence® installation)


    1 pilot + 6 passengers (high density version)


    Casualty evacuation

    1 pilot + 1 stretcher + 2 medical attendants



    1 pilot + 3 m3 (105.9 ft3) in the cabin



    Maximum take-off weight

    2,600 kg

    5,732 lb

    Maximum take-off weight with external load

    2.800 kg

    6,172 lb

    Maximum cargo-swing load

    1,134 kg

    2,500 lb

    Empty weight (standard configuration)

    1,503 kg

    3,313 lb

    Useful load (standard configuration)

    1,097 kg

    2,419 lb

    Standard fuel capacity

    577 kg

    1,272 lb

    Power plant

    2 x Turbomeca Arrius 1A1 engines

    Take-off power

    343 kW

       460 shp

    Maximum emergency power 
    (OEI 2.5 minutes)

    415 kW

       566 shp 

    Performance at Maximum Gross Weight at sea level, ISA and zero wind condition

    Maximum speed (Vne) 

    278 km/h

      150 kts

    Fast cruise speed (at MCP)

    222 km/h

      120 kts

    Recommended cruise speed

    218 km/h

      117 kts

    Rate of climb (at MCP)

    6.6 m/sec    

    1,296 ft/min

    Service ceiling (1m/sec - 200 ft/mn)

    4,050 m  

    13,380 ft

    Hover ceiling at takeoff power ISA-IGE

    2,575 m

    8,450 ft

    Maximum range without reserve at recommended cruise speed (RCS)

    731 km

    395 nm

    Endurance without reserve at 102 km/hr - 55 kts

     4 hrs, 35 min

    Operation Limitations

    Maximum altitude (PA)

    6.096 m

    20.000 ft

    Maximum temperature

    -40°C / -40°F

    Maximum temperature

    ISA + 35°C / + 95°F, limited to + 50°C * + 122°F


    Тұрақты сатып алушы карточкасына қосылу

    Өз карточкаңызды тіркеңіз және біздің қызметтерімізге тапсырыс берген кезде, жеке нөміріңізді көрсетуіңіз керек. Сонымен бірге, сіз біздің компаниямыздың арнайы ұсыныстары мен жарнамалары туралы әрдайым хабардар боласыз.