Gulfstream G450

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    The Gulfstream G450® is not only the best large-cabin, long-range business jet in its class, it's also a direct descendent of the storied GIV®-series aircraft, the best-selling business jet in the world. By the time production of the GIV series ceased in 2002, Gulfstream had turned out over 500 of these world-class airplanes.

    The G450 is a complete upgrade of what was an outstanding business jet to begin with. It can reach a maximum operating speed of Mach 0.88 and carry a team of eight up to 4,350 nautical miles (8,056 km) at its normal cruise speed of Mach 0.80. With its intercontinental range, the G450 easily links Dallas with Paris. High altitudes do not faze this aircraft. A G450 departed the high-altitude CentennialAirport in Denver and touched down slightly more than seven hours later at HonoluluAirport on Oahu. The flight set a new city-pair speed record.

    The same Gulfstream team that won the 2003 Collier Trophy, the most prestigious award in aviation today, also developed the G450.



    MaximumRange 4,350 nm / 8,061 km

    Normal Cruise Speed Mach 0.80 / 459 ktas / 850 km/h

    High Speed Cruise Mach 0.85 / 488 ktas / 904 km/h

    Mmo (Maximum Operating Mach number) Mach 0.88

    Takeoff Distance (Sl, iSa, MTOW) 5,600 ft / 1,707 m

    Landing Distance (Sl, iSa, MlW)3,260 ft / 994 m

    Initial Cruise Altitude 41,000 ft / 12,497 m

    Maximum Cruise Altitude 45,000 ft / 13,716 m



    Maximum Takeoff Weight 74,600 lb / 33,838 kg

    Maximum Landing Weight 66,000 lb / 29,937 kg

    Maximum Zero Fuel Weight 49,000 lb / 22,226 kg

    Basic Operating Weight (including 3 crew) 43,000 lb / 19,505 kg

    Maximum Payload 6,000 lb / 2,722 kg

    Payload with Maximum Fuel 2,500 lb / 1,134 kg

    Maximum Fuel Weight 29,500 lb / 13,381 kg



    Avionics Gulfstream PlaneView®

    Engines Two Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8C

    Rated Takeoff Thrust (each)13,850 lb / 61.6 kN

    Passengers: Maximum 19, Typical Outfitting 12 – 16



    Total Interior Length 45 ft1 in / 13.74 m

    Cabin Length (excluding baggage) 40 ft4 in / 12.29 m

    Cabin Height 6 ft2 in / 1.88 m

    Cabin Width 7 ft4 in / 2.24 m

    Cabin Volume 1,525 cu ft / 43.2 cu m

    Baggage Compartment Volume 169 cu ft / 4.8 cu m



    12 Gulfstream Signature Oval Windows

    Forward or Aft Galley

    Forward and Aft Lavatory

    6 Select Floorplans or Tailored Floorplan

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